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Beef Chuck

Beef Chuck is a sub-prime cut. A general chuck meat cut contains part of the shoulder bones and is also referred to as a '7-bone steak' (The exposed bone forms a '7' in the same way a 'T-bone' forms a 'T'.) Chuck is commonly used for making ground beef due to its well-balanced meat to fat ratio as well as its exceptional flavor. Chuck consists of the neck, arms and shoulders of the animal. The trimmings make for great ground chucks.

Boneless Chucks, Bone-In Chucks, Brisket, Chuck Blades, Chuck Roll N/O, Chuck Tender, Clods Regular, Clods XT, West Coast Chucks B/I Neck-Off

Beef Grinds

Beef grind is ground beef. A lower fat content the more likely your beef will be less flavorful once cooked. Depending on the meat to fat ratio you're looking for different cuts can be used in ground beef.

73% Fine/Coarse, 81% Fine/Coarse, 93% Fine/Coarse, Ground Chuck, Ground Round, Ground Sirloin

Beef Loin

Loin cuts come from the back of the animal and contains a section of the spine and 3 primal cuts. Part of the back section known as the short produces several great cuts of meat such as strip steaks, porterhouses, and t-bones. The sirloin section off coming off the back of the shortloin is prized for its steaks: the top sirloin being the most tender, and the bottom sirloin being a little less. More flavorful than the shortloin the sirloin is more flavorful. The Tenderloin is the most tender of the three loin cuts. Bone, in or out, makes loin a spectacular cut of meat.

Shortloin, Striploin, Tenderloin, Top Sirloins Ball Tip (2 up/2 dn), Peeled Knuckle, Peeled Tri-Tip, Top Butt,

Beef Rib

Ribs refer to the rib and plate cuts of the animal. Ribs offer three different cuts; prime-rib, short-rib, and rib-eye. Short ribs are larger, more tender and meatier being they are cut from the plate as well as the rib section. Prime rib, or "standing rib roast", consists of the six through twelve ribs and can be sliced apart to make rib steaks. Rib eye is a steak sliced from the back of the animal leaving in the rib bone to add more flavor and fat marbling to the rib cut.

107 Rib, Back Rib, Export, Lip-On Ribeye, Short Rib

Beef Round

The round is a primal cut of beef from the animal's hind quarters and refers to the femur bone running through the cut. Round provides bottom and top round cuts and is lean as well as moderately tough. Round is a popular choice for those looking for meat to process into jerky.

160 Round B/I, 161 Round Boneless, Bottom Flat, Bottom Round, Cap On Knuckles, Eye of Round, Inside Round, Knuckles Peeled, Top Rounds (Insides), Top Rounds Denuded, Top Rounds Cap Off

Thin Beef

The brisket, flank, and shank cuts make up thin meats. These are referred to as thin due to their toughness and need to be tenderized. However these types of beef are very lean due to the muscle being in constant use.

Ball Tips, Back Ribs, Blade Meat, Briskets, Flank, Flap, Hanging Tender, Lifter/Spec, Pectoral, Special Trim, Short Ribs, Skirt Inside, Skirt Outside, Tri Tips

Beef Offal

Offal refers to the animals internal organs and meats not within the 8 primal cuts. Whether cherry-picking a favorite delicacy or buying in mass for processing, offal offers a variety of tastes and textures many cuts do should not be shied away from.

Bull Fries, Cheek Meat, Feet, Femur Bones, H/C Tripe, Heads, Heart, Kidneys, Lips, Liver, Neck Bones, Oxlip, Oxtail, Shank, Sweetbreads, Tendon, Tongue, Tripas, Tripe, Weasand Meat


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