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Seafood Products


Fish is a worldwide resource, so don't limit yourself to the United States. We carry fish from all over the world. From the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean, the variety of fish is vast and delicious. Have a particular fillet need in your kitchen? Let us know and we'll acquire it for you.

Tilapia Fillets, Tilapia Whole and Cleared, Red Snapper, Seared Snapper, Domestic Catfish Fillets, Imported Catfish Fillets, Catfish Nuggets, Orange Rougey, Haki, Whiting Fillets, Pollock Fillets, Peran, Pacific Fillets, Mahi Mahi, Wild Salmon, Farm Raised Salmon, Alaskan Cod, Chinese Cod, Tuna Steaks and Ahi Steaks. We have a Full selection of Cold or Hot Smoked Fish; Filleted of Sliced Smoked Salmon, Smoke Cod, Smoked Trout and Smoked White Fish.


Mollusks, Crustaceans, and Echinoderms are all delicious shellfish we carry at High Country Meats, each one having its own unique texture and flavor. Freshwater and Saltwater shellfish alike make great meals or appetizers and are featured in every cuisine around the world. High in protein these creatures are a delicacy.

Block, IQF, or Cooked Shrimp, Mexican Farm and Wild Shrimp, Domestic White Shrist, Domestic Brown Shrimp, Black Tiger Shelled Shrimp, Raw EZ Peel Shrimp, Cooked Tai on Shrimp, Cooked Tai off Shrimp, Domestic and Chinese Scallops, Fresh in Bushes Oysters, Caned in Water Oysters, Smoked and Canned Oysters, IQF Shell-on Oysters, Whole Crab, Crab Legs, Crab Claws, Alaskan King Crabs, Canadian Snow Crabs, Dungeness Crabs, Jonas Crab Claws, Pasteurized Fresh Crab Crab Lump Meat, Crab Claw Meat and Frozen Canadian Crab Leg Meat.


The cephalopod is an exquisitely tender meat. These creatures are prolific making them great easy to farm and have great sustainability as an inexpensive food source. Preparation is easy and can be eaten cooked or raw.

Cleaned Squid Tubes, Squid Tentacles and Tubes, Squid Rings, Cleaned and Smoked Octopus.

Breaded Meat

Much of seafood served today can be found in a battered and breaded form. We've taken the time to do all the heavy preparation for our customers. From catfish to popcorn shrimp our breaded menu offers pre-packaged mouth-watering seafood. Frog legs and Oysters can also be ordered without the breading if our customers would rather specially prepare their own cuisine.

Fish Sticks, Fish Squares, Natural Cut Fillets, Clam Strips, Shrimp Baskets, Popcorn Shrimp, Calamari Rings and Tentacles, Crab Cakes, Shrimp Scampi, Oysters, Frog Legs, Seafood Combos, Catfish Fillets and Catfish Nuggets.


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Delivery at no extra charge! Same Day delivery available for Denver and the metro area. Daily deliveries are scheduled throughout the week for the Front Range and its surrounding area. Schedule yours today at 303.291.0800 or Toll Free at 800.416.1668.

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Have a special order or request. Give us a call. Our representatives will get you exactly what you need. Being a division of Greater Omaha Packing Co. gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. High Country Meats is a business to business distributor.

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