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Lamb Products

Lamb Carcasses

Whole and Headless Lamb Carcass or Halal Carcasses.

Leg of Lamb

Boneless Lamb Leg, Boned Rolled and Tied Lamb Legs, Whole Bone-in Lamb Leg, and Semi-Boneless Lamb Leg.

Rack of Lamb

Domestic Frenched Rack of Lamb, Domestic Lamb Saddles, Hotel Lamb Rack, Colorado Style Lamb Rack, Australian CFC Rack of Lamb, New Zealand and Frenched Rack of Lamb.

Lamb Shank

Foreshanks or Hindshanks

Lamb's Shoulder

Square Shoulder Cuts, Boneless Lamb's Shoulder cut and Choose your Lamb's Shoulder cut.

Lamb's Loin

Whole Bone Loin, Boneless Lamb's Loin, Tenseloins, Lamb Chops and Lamb Shins.

Miscellaneous Lamb

Lamb Breast, Lamb Cheese Meat, Lamb Grind, Lamb Bones, Lamb Stew and Lamb Trim.

Lamb Offal

Lamb Heads, Lamb Hearts, Lamb Liver, Lamb Kidney, Cheek Meat, Lamb Speed, Lamb Tongue, Lamb Tripe and Lamb Sweetbreads.


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Delivery at no extra charge! Same Day delivery available for Denver and the metro area. Daily deliveries are scheduled throughout the week for the Front Range and its surrounding area. Schedule yours today at 303.291.0800 or Toll Free at 800.416.1668.

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Our Vendors

  • Caviness Beef Packers
  • Greater Omaha Packing Inc
  • IBP Tyson Foods
  • National Beef
  • American Food Group
  • Cargill
  • Farmland
  • Superior Farms
  • Redbird Farms
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Special Orders

Have a special order or request. Give us a call. Our representatives will get you exactly what you need. Being a division of Greater Omaha Packing Co. gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. High Country Meats is a business to business distributor.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to offer the best, Quality Products, Professional Service and Timely Delivery Possible. World Class Service from your Local Wholesale Distributor With Service you can Trust and Quality you Can taste.